Air Date: 3/29/09

Length: 22:35

Hosts: Tony, Mike

Show DescriptionEdit

Pope and the Canuck bring it to you this time. Six: the evil number!!! Plus, the triumphant return of the Gag Reel!

- Intros

- Watcha’ been playing

- Killzone 2 Review

- Game Graphics

- Flashback: Crash Bandicoot Series

- DSi

- Shout Outs/Outro

- Gag Reel (It's back!)

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Notable FactsEdit

  • Mike tries to make conversation to avoid another "Power Rangers intro."
  • If you did yoga for 50 years, you'd be able to stay in the air for 5 seconds.
  • Bioshock's atmosphere is one of the most beautiful in any game.
  • Target Terror has worse graphics than the original Super Mario Bros.
  • The Xbox 360's ugliest game looks better than the Wii's best-looking game.
  • The show is "brought to you by no one."
  • Mike tells a story about some games he "acquired," but it cannot be heard over "A Pirate's Life for Me" being played in the background.
  • Mike's Twitter followers are called "twits."
  • Extreme Movie is terrible.