Air Date: 3/24/09

Length: 26:01

Hosts: Tony, Riley, Mike

Show DescriptionEdit

A little late, but worth the wait!

- Intros

- What  Have We Been Playing?

- Madworld Review

- RE5 Impressions

- Million Dollar (cry) Baby

- Shout-outs / Outros

Notable FactsEdit

  • Vin Diesel starring in Wheelman is a strike against the game.
  • Building your own monster isn't fun.
  • Combat in Monster Lab is V.A.T.S. mixed with Pokemon.
  • No Xbox-related court case is worth $1 million.
  • People are idiots - just listen to this show.
  • The man suing for his Xbox probably had crack inside the custom hard drive. It was his HDD LSD.
  • "AcesHigh" is heard on the show through a reading of his iTunes review.
  • Gevurah22 is mentioned as "the guy who made the Azure Palace level for Little Big Planet." He would later appear on the show as a guest.
  • One of the only regular episodes without a Gag Reel.