Air Date: 3/17/09

Length: 22:30

Hosts: Tony, Riley, Mike

Show DescriptionEdit

Number fo, yo!!! Anyway, we're back.

- Intros

- What Have We Been Playing?

- "Unique" Trophies

- Heyfling's One Minute Introduction

- Matt Hazard (with censored spoilers!)

- Flashback: Banjo-Kazooie Series

- Resident Evil 5

- Shout-outs & Outros

Notable FactsEdit

  • Riley promises a positive episode, but Tony does not.
  • Riley explains how to get the "Bandwidth Donor" trophy.
  • Jumping off a cliff and landing on a guy's head, killing both of you, would be a cool way to get a trophy.
  • Mike joins the show at the 11:38 mark.
  • The Matt Hazard love continues, though the crew recommends renting it.
  • Tony raves about the Banjo Kazooie series. A Flashback during a much later episode would see him raving about it again.
  • Mike will only play Resident Evil 5 if it comes to Wii.
  • The zombies in Resident Evil 5 are not rocket scientists, but the zombies in Matt Hazard are quite formidable.
  • One of the only regular episodes without a Gag Reel.