Air Date: 3/9/12

Length: 28:52

Hosts: Tony, Riley

Show DescriptionEdit

We're back - this time as the dynamic duo! (No Gag Reel this time - we complained about Watchmen instead.)

- Intros

- What Have We Been Playing?

- The Economy's Effect on Games

- Afro Samauri Demo

- Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

- Nintendo's Wii Plans

- Killzone 2

- Watchmen Followup

- Shout-outs & Outros

Notable FactsEdit

  • Nothing happens in Baltimore.
  • If you live in a box, it may have been impounded.
  • Nobody cares about the other stars of Afro Samurai because Samuel L. Jackson is in it.
  • Blood on the screen is cool.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV doesn't let you jump off a mountain with a hanglider.
  • Sixaxis control should be used sparingly.
  • $20 is too expensive for Watchmen: The End Is Nigh.
  • One of the only regular episodes to end without a Gag Reel. A clip from the 1960's Batman was used instead.