Air Date: 3/2/09

Length: 25:35

Hosts: Tony, Riley, Mike

Show DescriptionEdit

The mics and general sounds are much better now. No ear bleeding this time!

- Intros

- What Have We Been Playing? 

- Resident Evil 5 Controls & Control Schemes in General

- Opoona (ugh...)

- Flashback: MegaMan Series

- Prince of Persia Review

- Watchmen: The End is Nigh

- Shout-outs & Outros

- Gag Reel (full of Pope)

Notable FactsEdit

  • The hosts introduce themselves by saying where they're from.
  • Riley played Upgrade Your PS3 Hard Drive.
  • The first time the crew discuss poor controls, a recurring theme on several episodes.
  • The first time the crew discuss how Opoona is a poor game, another recurring theme.
  • Opoona looks like a Hershey kiss on steroids.
  • The debut of Flashback.
  • The review scale (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper) is explained.
  • Tony and Riley relay how they got into Watchmen.
  • The first time the crew warns against listening to Episode 1, yet another recurring theme.
  • The show is more intelligent when "AcesHigh" isn't there.