Air Date: 1/21/13

Length: 30:40

Hosts: Tony, Mike, Ben

Show DescriptionEdit

The dynamic (tri-namic?) trio is back this week...because Riley wasn't there. But hey, he missed a fantastic episode!

- Intros

- New Playstation Move Patent

- Bullet List: Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2013

- Warner Bros. Registers a Bunch of Batman Domains

- Shout-outs

- Gag Reel

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Notable FactsEdit

  • Riley misses episode "because he is in jail or something."
  • Canadian baseball is played with a puck.
  • The Sega Genesis controller had buttons like Orion's Belt.
  • The Move controller patent illustrates uses such as a double dildo or double lightsaber. It will be used to reboot Barbie Horse Adventures.
  • The Playstation Eye is a proximity mine.
  • Ben's list surprises Tony. Both Ben and Mike's lists are a bunch of games Tony forgot about.
  • Mike is buying Pokemon Y; Tony is buying Pokemon X.
  • Tony and Ben never passed the same part of Tomb Raider.
  • Star Wars 1313 will release on Smarch 13.
  • Tony teases a PS2-related discussion that never aired because the following week's episode was lost.
  • The next Batman will be Batman: Arkham Horror, in which Batman will fight Cthulu.
  • Tony does impressions of Batman and Macho Man during a Space Ghost Coast to Coast parody.