Air Date: 1/6/13

Length: 33:45

Hosts: Tony, Mike, Ben

Show DescriptionEdit

Where in the world is the Gametwerp Podcast? This week, they're all over the three C's: Carmen Sandiego, Canada, and cereal. Cheers! (That's a bonus fourth C.)

- Intros

- Mass Effect 3 Prequel Anime

- Bullet List: Top 5 Real-World Locations in Games

- Activision's The Walking Dead FPS

- Shout-outs

- Gag Reel

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Notable FactsEdit

  • The Aliens and Predators should have taught the Mayans better.
  • Steve Generic may or may not have a cool name.
  • Metal Gear needs an anime series.
  • The crew actually follows the show notes this episode.
  • Italians don't say "woop woop."
  • Sports games look bad when four guys all get up to go the concession stand at the same time.
  • Tony pauses the show to mention how bad Disney's Lone Ranger looks; Johnny Depp's Tonto sounds like a dyslexic Yogi Bear.
  • Stupid kids can't play Carmen Sandiego.
  • Carmen Sandiego hides behind the Alpha-bits cereal because they're the most educational.
  • Cross Country Canada is Oregon Trail in Canada (with trucks).
  • The Canadian Sly Cooper levels are hilarious.
  • The Gametwerp Podcast is taking over Kids in the Hall.
  • Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will be racist. On a related note, Django Unchained is awesome.
  • The Gametwerp Wiki is announced.
  • Tony screws up the outro.