Air Date: 12/23/12

Length: 41:03

Hosts: Tony, Ben, Riley, Mike

Show DescriptionEdit

It's that time of year again, and we celebrated by sharing some our favorite moments on the show with each other. Pull up a chair and enjoy this holiday special and/or regular episode, and have a fantastic nondenominational Christmas (because that's the real holiday).

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Notable Facts:

  • Though it's numbered, this episode does not follow the typical format. Instead, classic bits of the show are played, with commentary between each.
  • Opens with a clip of the infamous Nintendo 64 kid.
  • When playing rock-paper-scissors, rock always wins. It's the people's champion.
  • Tony sounds like he's 14 in some clips.
  • Clips from before Ben became a host are considered "from the Golden Age of the show."
  • Ben gives Riley an open wine bottle and a five pack.
  • Tony might have a hooker story.
  • Riley unlocks an achievement.
  • The Opoona hate returns. Tony says Opoona looks like "Picasso farted out his own rendition of Captain Olimar."
  • One of the only regular episodes without a Gag Reel. Instead, a bonus clip is played.