Air Date: 2/5/09

Length: 20:53

Hosts: Tony, Mike, "AcesHigh", Riley

Show DescriptionEdit

(We apologize for any sound/mic issues. It was our first time; it will improve.) Podcast - Episode 1

- Intros

- What Have We Been Playing?

- Do music games ruin music?

- RIP Factor Five

- Gamepro's Video Game Crashes

- Game Informer's Top 25 Gamecube Titles

- Our Top Games of 2008

- Looking Ahead at Gaming in 2009

- Shout-outs / Outros

- Gag Reel

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Notable FactsEdit

  • The first episode of the show!
  • The hosts introduce themselves with the consoles they own.
  • "AcesHigh" asks if apps count as real games.
  • Tony and "AcesHigh" make fun of Mike for buying the enhanced edition of The Witcher.
  • Nickelback is shallow, but Bang Camero is a good group.
  • Factor 5 closed down, as did the other four factors.
  • "AcesHigh" threatens to kill Tony.
  • Halo and Dead Rising are not known for car crashes.
  • Pikmin was the first RTS to work well on consoles. 
  • Mirror's Edge was 2008's Portal, except completely different.
  • Peggle Nights is better than Peggle Deluxe, which is better than Peggle Days.
  • The crew reveal their love for Matt Hazard.
  • Mike's brother Kevin makes a cameo in the Gag Reel.